Fort Bend Farmers Market

Fort Bend Farmers Market

One of the favorite ways to purchase greens and veggies is By the Bucket, in which buckets of produce ran $4 to $5, and went directly from the producer to the consumer.

This group was Pavlock Farms, from nearby Rosenberg.



Grandma was on hand, with free samples of her famous natural Granola.





Pampered Sisters carries an extensive collection of soaps and candles, made by the sisters themselves.

They were very fun to chat with, and could take your credit card order right their on their iPhone. (I’d heard about this, of course, but I’d never actually seen it in action)



Here is a link to the official website put up by Imperial Sugar, for the farmer’s Market that is held every Saturday from 9 to 1 at the Imperial Sugar building along Hwy 90 in Old Sugar Land.

I was quite impressed with Jack Jones’s Wood Art display. Jack is from Richmond, and is a retired woodworker and wood craft teacher who does his work “for fun and spending money” nowadays.

The intricate detail of his wood work is certainly a delight to his many customers at the market.


The owner of Bella’s kitchen (on right) has a day-job as a corporate fitness trainer.

“It’s kind of curious,” Bella says. “I fatten people up on the weekends with these delicious treats, and then I devise fun ways for them to lose the weight during the week.”

Local baker Angela makes fantastic pastries and breads for sale at the Farmer’s market.

The aroma from the fresh-baked breads and rolls on the crisp December morning gave the whole pavilion a feeling of Deliciousness– !

Angela and her husband Jerry own this cut shop on Aurora Street in the Heights.